Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Starting Somewhere

This will not be easy.

Even thinking about those days makes me a bit disoriented. I've written about it before:

Why June is a Weird Month
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When the Time Train Derails

"When life gropes
Feebly for the path where fell
Light last on the evening slopes,

One friend in that path shall be,
To secure my step from wrong;
One to count night day for me,
Patient through the watches long,
Serving most with none to see."

I dedicate this blog to all Aidan's friends, on earth and in heaven, and in the hospital, which seems to be an in-between place that partakes a bit of both.


Elizabeth said...

Aidan's life and his journey has belonged to this strange internet world since the beginning. He was my introduction to worldwide intercession for miracles. He's a mascot, a poster child, a precious wonder of the world wide web. It is so very fitting for him to be represented here, in this way. God bless you, Willa, as you present the wonder and the pain of it all to the world.

Willa said...

Thanks Elizabeth for the beautiful comment and for being Aidan's friend and mine through so many ups and downs!